Golda's Balcony

by William Gibson

Sandra Laub, an award-winning actress and veteran teacher, has been performing William Gibson's Tony Award-winning, one-woman play, 'Goldas Balcony,' in theaters, classrooms, social halls, and sanctuaries to critical acclaim and heartfelt audience response since 2013.

'Golda's Balcony' is a 90-minute a tour-de force with humor, pathos, and passion, as we watch Golda Meir's journey from impoverished child in Czarist Russia to Israel's 4th Prime Minister, scrambling to save the country from impending destruction during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. At the heart of the play is Meir's lifelong struggle to attain peace while agonizing over difficult moral choices, including especially the terrible question: What happens when idealism becomes power?

The birth of a nation and the pioneering spirit of its founders are embodied in Golda Meir. A wife, a mother, a worker, who attained extraordinary stature on the world stage. Goldas struggle to reconcile the competing forces of family versus politics personalizes the taut drama centered on Israels secret nuclear capability: Goldas view into hell.

For some audience members this is a new story, and for others...After one performance, three generations of one family told how meaningful it was to see the play together: grandparents and parents remembering, grandchild learning - a story that must be continually told and never forgotten.

Join Friends of the State Theatre at the Old Colony YMCA in Stoughton to present this one-time-only performance on September 15 at 2pm. Proceeds go towards preserving the Historic State Theatre and our friends in the non-profit Jewish community.

Sunday, September 15 @ 2pm

Rubenstein Auditorium
Old Colony YMCA
445 Central St
Stoughton, MA 02072

Gen. Ad. - $25
Under 18 - $15
Sr. Citizen - $20